all about cookies and jolly good times


Having been in the unorganised FMCG business for years, The Bake Factory is on the verge of a shift by launching various new products, highlighting their main offering – cookies. This called for a comprehensive brand building process. We looked at the cookie market in India, which is mostly unorganized or are mostly products or sub-brands of larger established brands. This was an opportunity to highlight The Bake Factory as an exclusive cookie-brand. While this is a differentiator for the company, it needed a distinct strong brand story as well.


With a unique packaging language in place, it was now imperative to carry forward the brand philosophy - 'Baking jolly good times'. There was a need to drive communication with fun and happiness at its core in order to demand desired attention. A non-restrictive illustrative exploration aptly did justice to the cause.

whatever be your reason, there's surely a cookie that's just right for you