A brighter future awaits.


In the early nineties, Agni Solar was of the first Indian companies to bring solar systems to urban and rural masses. Starting with solar water heaters, their product portfolio grew as the years passed. With the recent change in solar energy policies, Agni now aims at strongly promoting rooftop solar (solar electricity) to urban dwellers. Turning a new page in India’s solar journey prompted Agni to refresh itself and prepare for the future.

Brand Campaign

Having completed Agni Solar's rebrand, it was time to introduce the brand in the public domain. Using an affirmative yet warm tone of voice, we consciously refrained from showcasing the product and instead chose to make the communication relevant to the viewer.

The design idea was to represent the logo as the sun and plot its movement from sunrise to sunset, highlighting the relevance of solar energy in a simple yet engaging interpretation.

Since the campaign was directed at business owners and corporates, everything from the choice of media to the finer details of the ad copy were made to be in sync.

Good morning : Good afternoon
Good evening : Good night