It’s not called freestyle for nothing, you know.


Among the four swimming strokes, the crawl is the fastest, and when asked to swim freestyle, a swimmer’s preference is obvious.

Freestyle, a swimwear brand, had chosen its name with the same thought in mind – to let the brand be about user preferences and not about the brand alone. Traditionally, in the sportswear sector, the industry norm is to club products according to the category and not according to how the products are used. We took this insight as an opportunity to position Freestyle as a brand that empathises with customers and converses with them as an equal. This approach bled into the company’s culture and communication both. Eventually, we helped Freestyle transition from swimwear to fitness apparel.

Freestyle introduced the market to a speciality product – swimming hand paddles. This product is used to train novices to better their technique and for pros to enhance their performance. The packaging creates awareness, encourages interaction and stands out among existing brands.
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